Wypall X70 Power Clean Medium Duty Cloths - 200/Box

$54.99 CAD
SKU 55300

WypAll® stands as the leading brand of disposable wipes in the US and Canada, offering a unique solution to optimize performance while minimizing time, effort, and product waste. For those who have traditionally relied on laundered shop towels or textile shop rags, WypAll® introduces the Power Clean X70 Medium Duty Cloths, designed with advanced HydroKnit technology for swift absorption. These heavy-duty industrial cloths are crafted from soft pulp fibers bonded to a polypropylene base sheet, ensuring both absorbency and durability, suitable for tackling dirt, oil, grime, and solvents across various industrial and manufacturing sectors. Conveniently packaged in a Brag Box, which dispenses one cloth at a time, they provide a practical alternative to traditional rag boxes, and their robust construction often allows for multiple uses. Essential for maintaining clean surfaces and tools, these cloths are indispensable in HVAC, automotive, manufacturing, and industrial settings, offering top-notch supplies to businesses striving for excellence.

  • 1 case contains 1 Brag Box, offering 200 sheets of WypAll® Power Clean X70 Medium Duty Cloths.
  • These industrial cloths excel in durability and absorbency, ensuring consistent cleaning performance.
  • Each cloth measures 11.1" x 16.8" and effectively cleans oil, dirt, grime, and solvents, with the Brag Box designed for easy one-at-a-time dispensing.
  • Thanks to the HydroKnit technology, these cloths exhibit exceptional wicking power, rapidly picking up water and reducing drips, outperforming laundered shop rags.
  • Pound for pound, WypAll® Power Clean X70 Medium Duty Cloths outshine rental shop towels and shop rags, with a single pop-up box replacing the equivalent of 10 lbs. of rags.