Wypall X80 Power Clean Heavy Duty Cloths- 160 Sheets/Box

$51.99 CAD
SKU 41041

WypAll® PowerClean™ X80 Heavy Duty Cloths are crafted from soft pulp fibers bonded to a polypropylene base sheet, offering a winning combination of absorbency and resilience. This makes them highly suitable for removing dirt, oil, grime, and solvents in industrial and manufacturing settings. These reusable cloths are fortified to maintain their strength both when wet and dry.

Additionally, these bulk cloths provide a safer and more efficient alternative to replace laundered rental shop towels and cleaning towels. They excel in various heavy-duty tasks, from machine and part-wiping to handling metal shavings, preparing surfaces with solvents, and cleaning rugged surfaces. In essence, while every business encounters dirt, when faced with the toughest grease and grime, you can place your trust in WypAll® PowerClean™ X80 Heavy Duty Cloths.

  • Each case contains 1 pack of WypAll® PowerClean™ X80 Heavy Duty Cloths, totaling 160 sheets, and these cloths are conveniently housed in a durable Brag Box.
  • These robust wipes exhibit superior water and oil absorption capabilities when compared to traditional textile shop rags, all while maintaining their strength throughout use.
  • With 3 times less lint compared to rental shop towels, these cloths ensure a cleaner work environment.
  • They are ideally suited for tackling challenging tasks such as cleaning abrasive surfaces, wiping machine and tool parts, and efficiently absorbing industrial-scale spills.
  • Offering consistent performance, these wipes dispense a fresh, clean sheet each time, ensuring reliability in your cleaning and maintenance tasks.