Wypall X70 Power Clean Medium Duty Cloths - 2 Buckets X 220 Cloths

$103.99 CAD
SKU 83561

Ensure your business operates at its best by utilizing top-tier supplies like the WypAll® Power Clean X70 Medium Duty Cloths in a Bucket. This package comprises a portable, robust, and weather-resistant bucket alongside resilient WypAll® Power Clean X70 Medium Duty Cloths. These heavy-duty wipes harness the power of cutting-edge HydroKnit fast-absorbing material, designed to effectively tackle oil, grime, and solvents. Their versatility extends to cleaning surfaces, tools, and handling demanding maintenance tasks, thanks to their impressive solvent resistance, absorption capacity, wet strength, and rapid absorption rate. What's more, these cloths can be rinsed and reused. With the conveniently portable bucket, you'll have your cloths readily accessible and clean wherever your work takes you.

  • 1 case of WypAll® X70 Cloths In a Bucket includes 1 reusable all-weather bucket and 2 cloth refill packs totaling 440 cloths.
  • WypAll® Power Clean X70 Medium Duty Cloths are tough, absorbent, and maintain their strength during cleaning tasks, and the included portable bucket helps keep the cloths clean.
  • Each industrial cloth measures 9.75" x 13" and effectively removes oil, dirt, grime, and solvents.
  • The HydroKnit technology in these cloths rapidly absorbs water and minimizes drips, surpassing the performance of laundered shop rags.
  • WypAll® Power Clean X70 Medium Duty Cloths outperform rental shop towels and shop rags pound for pound in oil absorption.