Wypall X60 Multi Task Cleaning Cloths - 12 Packs X 76 Sheets

$130.99 CAD
SKU 34865

Designed to excel in comparison to laundered rags, WypAll® GeneralClean™ X60 Multi-Task Cleaning Cloths set a new standard for general-purpose cleaning cloths, providing excellent value. They do not incorporate adhesives or binders, ensuring they leave no residue behind, and they exhibit exceptional strength whether wet or dry. These cloths are versatile, suitable for tasks such as applying thinners and solvents, removing cable lubricants, cleaning adhesives, and eliminating grease and soil from confined spaces. Their durability often allows for multiple uses before disposal, contributing to waste reduction and cost savings.

When your primary criteria involve effectiveness and value, you can confidently rely on WypAll® GeneralClean™ X60 Multi-Task Cleaning Cloths to deliver outstanding performance.

  • Each pack contains 76 sheets, and there are 12 packs of WypAll® GeneralClean™ X60 Multi-Task Cleaning Cloths in a case, providing a total of 912 sheets in each case.
  • These cleaning cloths, in a crisp white color and quarterfold design, are both robust and highly absorbent, ensuring effective cleaning performance.
  • They serve as a superior alternative to traditional rags, absorbing water more rapidly and efficiently.
  • These versatile general-purpose cleaning cloths excel in removing sticky substances and stubborn residues.
  • Leveraging the quick-absorbing Hydroknit® technology and a reinforced structure, they deliver both outstanding performance and durability.