Wypall X60 Multi Task Cleaning Cloths - 8 Packs X 70 Sheets

SKU 41083

WypAll® holds the top position as the leading brand of disposable wipes in both the United States and Canada. When it comes to establishing a clean work environment, especially for light to medium-duty general cleaning tasks, WypAll® General Clean X60 Multi-Task Cleaning Cloths-Washcloths are your dependable choice for efficient cleaning.

These cleaning cloths offer exceptional absorbency, outperforming traditional rags by absorbing more than twice their weight in water. They incorporate the absorbing power of HydroKnit technology while maintaining a lightweight design. Designed to exceed the performance of laundered rags, WypAll® X60 Cloths set a new benchmark for general-purpose cleaning cloths, all while offering outstanding value.

What sets them apart is the absence of adhesives or binders, ensuring they leave no residue behind. Plus, they are fortified for strength whether wet or dry, showcasing their durability. Their sturdiness often allows for multiple uses before disposal, contributing to waste reduction and cost savings.

  • Each pack contains 70 washcloth cloths, and there are 8 packs per case, totaling 560 cloths per case.
  • WypAll® General Clean X60 Multi-Task Cleaning Cloths are designed for optimal absorbency and strength, surpassing the performance of traditional rags by absorbing water more rapidly.
  • These white commercial paper towels measure 12.5" x 10" and are quarterfolded for convenient storage.
  • Despite their lightweight design, these cloths are free from adhesives or binders, ensuring they remain intact and leave no residues behind.
  • To create a highly effective general-purpose industrial cloth, WypAll® integrated their proprietary HydroKnit fast absorbing technology with a reinforced structure, offering durability at an excellent value.