Wypall X60 General Multi Task Cleaning Cloths - 236 Sheets/Box

$42.99 CAD
SKU 54015

WypAll® stands as the leading brand for disposable wipes in North America, offering effective solutions for light to medium duty general cleaning needs. Pound for pound, WypAll® GeneralClean™ X60 Multi-Task Cleaning Cloths surpass traditional rags by absorbing over twice as much water. These cloths incorporate Hydroknit® technology, ensuring superior absorbency in a lightweight format. They set a new benchmark for general-purpose cleaning cloths, outperforming laundered rags, and they're adhesive-free and binder-free, leaving no unwanted residue while maintaining robustness even when wet. Suitable for various applications, from thinners and solvents to cable lubricant removal, adhesive cleaning, and tackling grease and soil in tight spaces, these cloths are exceptionally durable, often reusable multiple times, and designed to minimize waste, resulting in cost-effective and efficient cleaning solutions. When seeking top-tier effectiveness and value, trust WypAll® GeneralClean™ X60 Multi-Task Cleaning Cloths to deliver.

  • Each case contains 1 Brag Box of WypAll® GeneralClean™ X60 Multi-Task Cleaning Cloths, totaling 236 sheets per box and case, designed for strong and efficient cleaning.
  • These versatile cleaning cloths are highly absorbent and feature reinforced construction to maintain their strength during use.
  • Offering superior water absorption compared to traditional rags, they make an ideal replacement for rags in various cleaning tasks.
  • WypAll® GeneralClean™ X60 Multi-Task Cleaning Cloths excel at removing sticky residues and substances with ease.
  • Leveraging advanced Hydroknit® technology and a reinforced structure, these cloths combine exceptional performance with durability for reliable cleaning outcomes.