Wypall Power Clean X70 Medium Duty Cloths - 10 X 100 WIpes

$225.99 CAD
SKU 41455

WypAll® stands as the leading brand of disposable wipes across the US and Canada, offering a superior solution to enhance performance while minimizing time, effort, and product waste. If you've been relying on laundered shop towels or textile shop rags, WypAll® PowerClean™ X70 Medium Duty Cloths are a trustworthy alternative. These heavy-duty cloths feature advanced Hydroknit® fast-absorbing material, ensuring efficient cleaning. Crafted from soft pulp fibers bonded to a polypropylene base sheet, these premium industrial cloths boast absorbency and tear resistance. Ideal for tackling dirt, oil, grime, and solvents in various industrial and manufacturing settings, they are robust enough for multiple uses before disposal. Specifically designed for surface and tool cleaning, they are indispensable in HVAC, automotive, manufacturing, and industrial sectors. Investing in top-notch supplies is crucial for business success, and WypAll® stands out as the premium choice.

  • 100 Sheets/Box; 10 Boxes/Case; 1,000 Sheets/Case; White; Pop-Up Box Cloths; Long Lasting Towels.
  • 8.34" X 16.8" 
  • Medium-duty cleaning cloths are durable, absorbent, and maintain strength for effective cleaning.
  • Suitable for tackling dirt, grime, and oil; great for use with solvents.
  • Premium cloth with fast absorption and tear resistance for wet or dry applications.
  • Medium-duty cloths absorb and release large amounts of water for versatile cleaning tasks.