Wypall Oil, Grease & Ink Cloths - 180 Sheet/Box

$59.99 CAD
SKU 33352

WypAll® proudly stands as the leading brand of disposable wipes across the United States and Canada. In every business, messes are inevitable. When you find yourself facing challenging oil, grease, and ink spills, it's paramount to rely on the best solutions. WypAll® offers a range of Oil, Grease & Ink Cloths that you can trust to tackle even the most formidable tasks, from machine and part wiping to surface preparation with solvents.

These heavy-duty towels, crafted with meltblown technology, possess remarkable attributes: they are swift in absorption, exceptionally durable, and entirely lint-free. WypAll® Oil, Grease & Ink Cloths have become a favored replacement for traditional industrial cloth towels due to their ability to absorb up to 8 times their weight in oil. They not only maintain a lint-free profile for particles exceeding 50 microns but also produce 8 times less lint than typical T-shirt rags and a remarkable 25 times less lint than conventional laundered shop towels.

Moreover, these cloths are meticulously designed to handle rugged surfaces, showcasing impressive tear resistance. When confronted with the toughest Oil, Grease & Ink messes, it's undoubtedly beneficial to opt for the number one brand, WypAll®, ensuring you get the job done efficiently and effectively.

  • WypAll® holds the prestigious position as the top brand of disposable wipes in both the US and Canada.
  • In any business, cleanliness is vital, and when dealing with challenging oil, grease, and ink spills, WypAll® Oil, Grease & Ink Cloths are the go-to solution.
  • These heavy-duty cloths, crafted using advanced meltblown technology, are renowned for their rapid absorption, durability, and lint-free performance.
  • WypAll® Oil, Grease & Ink Cloths are the preferred choice over traditional industrial cloth towels due to their exceptional oil-absorbing capability, producing significantly less lint than T-shirt rags or laundered shop towels.
  • Designed to handle rough surfaces with impressive tear resistance, they are your reliable partner for tackling the most stubborn Oil, Grease & Ink messes, making WypAll® the number one brand to trust.