Wypall L40 Power Clean Extra Absorbent Towels - 9 Boxes X 100 Sheets

$199.99 CAD
SKU 05790

WypAll® holds the top spot as the leading brand of disposable wipes in both the US and Canada. If you aim to enhance performance while saving time and minimizing product waste, consider WypAll® Power Clean L40 Extra Absorbent Towels. Crafted with cutting-edge DRC (double re-creped) technology, these towels are engineered to provide a winning combination of strength, softness, and absorbency. When it comes to swiftly absorbing liquids, these wipes excel, yet they maintain a remarkably soft and plush outer layer for a comfortable touch. They are perfect for soaking up liquids, lubricants, and oils in various settings, from restaurant counters to mechanic shops and industrial facilities. Remarkably, they are gentle enough for use on the face and hands. Elevate your absorption and cleaning game with these superior utility wipes for your home or office needs today!

  • Each case contains 9 boxes of WypAll® PowerClean™ L40 Extra Absorbent Towels, with 100 sheets per box, totaling 900 sheets per case.
  • These towels are specifically engineered to efficiently absorb liquids, lubricants, and oils.
  • They are constructed with a plush and soft surface that includes inner layer pockets, enhancing their absorbent capabilities.
  • WypAll® PowerClean™ L40 Extra Absorbent Towels are excellent for cleaning up spills of varying sizes.
  • These towels are known for their exceptional softness and high absorbency.