Wypall General Clean L20 Medium Cleaning Cloths - 176 Sheets/Box

$29.99 CAD
SKU 34607

WypAll® proudly holds its position as the leading brand of disposable wipes across both the United States and Canada. When it comes to fostering a clean and organized work environment, particularly for light to medium-duty general cleaning tasks, WypAll® offers a solution that combines value and versatility – the WypAll® General Clean L20 Medium Cleaning Cloths.

These white cloths are designed to excel in everyday wiping tasks, providing dependable performance. Their robust 4-ply construction ensures both strength and absorbency, making them a preferred choice for maintaining cleanliness in a variety of business settings, from retail shops and countertops to light industrial and hospitality environments. Designed for single-use cleanup, these cloths do not contain binders or glues, and their textured surface enhances their cleaning capabilities.  Moreover, the large BRAG Box format dispenses these cloths one at a time, preserving their quality until you're ready to use them.

  • Each case includes 1 box of WypAll® General Clean L20 Medium Cleaning Cloths, totaling 176 sheets, all in a clean white color.
  • These highly regarded lightweight towels are constructed with 4-ply thickness, ensuring strength and exceptional absorbency, ideal for cleaning larger spills.
  • The cloths are equipped with a textured surface that enhances their cleaning power and effectiveness.
  • WypAll® General Clean L20 Medium Cleaning Cloths are designed for single-use wiping, free from binders or glue, promoting a hassle-free cleaning experience.
  • The Brag Box dispensing system ensures one-at-a-time sheet release, safeguarding your towels until they're needed for use. When unfolded, these towels provide a generous size, measuring 11.1" x 16.8".