Wypall Critical Clean Foodservice Cloth - 150/Box

$84.99 CAD
SKU 06280

WypAll® Heavy Duty Foodservice Cloths feature an antimicrobial treatment that actively hinders the proliferation of odor-causing bacteria. This is particularly significant since it can help prevent the sour smell often associated with laundered foodservice towels. Crafted from advanced HydroKnit fast-absorbing material, these cloths prove highly versatile and are suitable for a wide range of cleaning and sanitizing tasks prevalent in foodservice industries.

These cloths are built to withstand extended use and can be conveniently machine washed, rinsed, and reused, contributing to both cost-effectiveness and sustainability. Packaged in a compact quarter-fold format, they serve as a convenient alternative to traditional boxes of rags. Additionally, their durability allows for multiple uses, with disposability becoming a consideration only after several applications. When it comes to ensuring hygiene and performance in foodservice environments, you can confidently rely on WypAll® Ultra Duty Foodservice Cloths.

  • Each box contains 150 quarter-folded sheets of White WypAll® Ultra Duty Foodservice Cloths.
  • When unfolded, each foodservice towel offers generous dimensions, measuring 12" x 23.4".
  • These cloths are equipped with an antimicrobial treatment, effectively impeding the proliferation of odor-causing bacteria.
  • Demonstrating both durability and exceptional absorbency, these cloths remain resilient during cleaning and sanitizing tasks.
  • Furthermore, these cloths hold NSF and FSC certifications, underscoring their ability to effectively clean residue, surpassing the capabilities of traditional rags.