Vileda Ultraspeed Mini Microlite - 3/cs

$49.99 CAD
SKU 137573
  • Efficient Cleaning System: Ultra Speed is a comprehensive wet flat mopping system that integrates powerful microfiber cleaning with an innovative high-performance press.
  • User-Friendly Operation: The system is designed for easy use, eliminating the need for specialized training, making it accessible for anyone to start cleaning.
  • Revolutionary Press Technology: The unique press in Ultra Speed wrings out more water compared to traditional gear presses, facilitating faster floor drying and quicker reusability, particularly crucial in high-traffic areas.
  • Convenient Strip Fastening: Mops equipped with a unique strip fastening eliminate the need for removal during wringing, streamlining the cleaning process.
  • Versatile Microfiber Mop: Suitable for intensive cleaning across various surfaces.
  • Polyamide Stripes: Facilitate easy removal of stubborn dirt, enhancing overall cleaning effectiveness.
  • Advanced Microfiber Composition: 90% PES microfiber ensures outstanding cleaning performance, while 10% PA fiber (grey) specializes in stubborn dirt removal.
  • Color-Coded Tags: Features cut-off RBGY color-coded tags for easy identification and organization.
  • 517278 - 3 pads/case