Rubbermaid Adaptable Flat Mop Microfiber Pad - 12/Case

$92.99 CAD
SKU 2132427
  • Adaptable Flat Mop Pad helps improve cleaning efficacy and connects to the Adaptable Flat Mop Frame via tabs or pockets for two styles of microfiber mopping in large spaces.
  • Mop System offers 2 different usage functions: Tab Function for microfiber mopping with WaveBrake® Bucket, and Pocket Function for simple microfiber mopping with the Spray Mop handle.
  • Microfiber pad removes 99.7% or more of tested viruses and bacteria*† with water only, to help improve cleaning efficacy.
  • Floors dry 4X faster compared to RCP large cotton string mops, using the Adaptable Flat Mop Pad.
  • Weighs 70% less when fully soaked than RCP large cotton string mops, making it easier to handle.
  • Tested to withstand up to 200 commercial launderings, including 100 with bleach, ensuring durability and longevity.