Tork Paper Wiper Plus 1/4Fold - 12 X 90 Sheets

by Tork
$121.99 CAD
SKU 430150A

The Tork Paper Wiper Plus is a versatile paper towel designed for various tasks, from mopping up spills to hand wiping. Its 1/4 format ensures optimal use of the entire towel. This multipurpose cloth is tough and long-lasting, enabling multiple uses without tearing. Its soft yet absorbent texture facilitates efficient drying, minimizing wastage. With its robust build and excellent absorbency, it's especially effective for tackling oil, grease, lubricants, and grime.

  • Quality: Advanced
  • Unfolded length: 13 in
  • Unfolded width: 12.5 in
  • Folded length: 6.5 in
  • Folded width: 6.3 in
  • Ply: 1
  • Print: No
  • Embossing: No
  • Color: White