Wypall Power Centrepull Clean WetTask Wipers for Disinfectants, Sanitizers and Bleach - 6 Rolls X 140 Wipes

$97.99 CAD
SKU 06471

WypAll® CriticalClean™ WetTask™ Wipes for Bleach, Disinfectants, and Sanitizers offer an efficient alternative to traditional cleaning methods. Ideal for critical tasks in healthcare and food service, these meltblown wipes are designed for compatibility with Quats and Bleach, maintaining active strength for over 24 hours. The package includes six refill rolls and one bucket, promoting space-saving efficiency. The closed bucket system minimizes mist exposure, vapor inhalation, and potential splashes. By reducing chemical usage by 20% and eliminating laundry needs, it provides a hygienic and cost-effective workplace solution. Moreover, these wipes are recyclable through The RightCycle™ Program, making them an eco-friendly choice for your facility. Upgrade to this customizable and sustainable wet wipe system today!

  • Each case includes 6 rolls of WypAll® CriticalClean™ WetTask™ Wipers, with 140 sheets per roll, totaling 840 sheets of white, center-pull roll wipes for bleach, disinfectants, and sanitizers.
  • These wipes maintain their active strength for over 24 hours, surpassing the performance of microfiber, cloth, and cellulose wipes, as verified by a Kimberly-Clark time-bound study.
  • They provide a safer work environment by reducing chemical exposure, preventing open bucket spills and fumes, and eliminating spray mist exposure.
  • With an airtight seal and cost-effective refills, they help businesses capture significant savings by lowering chemical costs and minimizing packaging waste.
  • These wipes contribute to sustainability efforts as they are eligible for recycling through The RightCycle™ Program by Kimberly-Clark Professional®.