Tacony OEM Single Nylon Brush - TB0122400

by Tacony
SKU TB0122400

This is the Tacony OEM Single Nylon Brush Strip designed for use on the agitator of Carpet Pro, Fuller Brush, Riccar, and Simplicity Upright Vacuums, which includes the following models: CPU1, CPU1T, CPU2, CPU2T, CPU4N, CPU4T, R200, R300, R300C, R700, R800, R800C, 2200, 4512, 4812, 4900, 4950, 7900, 7950, 8000, 8625, 8650, 8715, 8905, 8920, 8925, R20D, VIBC, VIBCL.2, VIBCNT, VIBS, VIBST, N2000, N2100, N2150, N2200, S20D, SYMC.2, FBP-14PW, FB-HD2T, and FBPHD2.