Swiffer Professional Duster Dry Cloth - 6 X 32 Sheets

by Swiffer
$95.99 CAD
SKU 33407

Employing substantial dirt-trapping ridges and grooves, Swiffer Professional's potent dry sweeping disposable dust cloths surpass the cleanliness achieved by sweeping with a broom, especially on textured surfaces. This is due to their ability to effortlessly adapt to the floor surface and grout lines, effectively capturing more dirt, dust, and hair compared to traditional broom cleaning. Swiffer dry cloth refills are suitable for use on floors and can reach difficult-to-access areas above the floor. These Swiffer pad refills ensure a residue-free cleaning process and are safe for various surfaces, including wood floors, ceramic and vinyl tile, electronics, and other hard surfaces.

  • Eliminate residual dirt lines with thick dry cloths that adapt to floor surfaces and grout lines.
  • Versatile as both a hand and floor duster, suitable for hardwood, tile, or vinyl floors.
  • Efficiently trap and lock dust, as well as inanimate allergens like pet dander and dust mite matter.
  • Swiffer Professional dry cloths contribute to establishing a clean, healthy, and productive business environment.