Snap-N-Go Mop Handles

$19.99 CAD
SKU 157914

Our lightweight mop handle is made of re-enforced high impact plastic and is designed to accommodate any size mop – both narrow and wide band. This mop handle features a unique lever which gives a new meaning to hands free. Simply snap lever open to insert new mop head or discard soiled mop head. Ideal for the most sanitary areas.

  • Colour coding grip to reduce cross contamination
  • Hang-up on grip handle makes it simple for drying and storage
  • Accommodates mops up to 7 1/2” in width
  • Fits both narrow and wide band mops
  • Conforms with foodservice standards (except wood handle model)
  • Lightweight, yet strong – Composite properties maximized by advanced Pull-Winding process, ensuring maximum strength and ergonomics.