Scott Shop Towels - 12 Rolls X 55 Wipes

$65.99 CAD
SKU 75147

Scott® is renowned as the top Shop Towel Brand, making Scott® Shop Towels Original (Blue) in standard rolls essential for various applications. Whether you're running an automotive shop, tackling DIY projects, or organizing your garage, these utility shop towels are indispensable. They excel in tasks like oil changes, fluid refills, and general automotive maintenance. With perforated towels and compatibility with standard paper towel holders, the convenient standard roll is portable and user-friendly. According to a Circana survey (Retail Tracking Service, U.S. Sales, 2021 and 2022), Scott® has earned its reputation as the #1 Shop Towel Brand, making Scott® Shop Towels Original the trusted choice for tasks like detailing, cleaning, staining, and polishing.

  • 660 Towels/Case; 55 Towels/Roll; 12 Rolls of Scott® Shop Towels Original in Blue
  • These versatile shop towels are designed for efficient cleanup of grease, liquids, oils, and spills in automotive repair shops and garages.
  • Scott® Shop Towels Original are exceptionally strong and durable, performing well even when they're wet.
  • Opting for disposable shop towels, instead of laundered cloth towels, minimizes exposure to lead, making them ideal for tasks like oil changes, fluid top-offs, and general automotive maintenance.
  • The standard roll format is portable, fits on regular paper towel dispensers, and features perforations for easy tear-off, ensuring you always have the right amount on hand.