Pacific Blue Select Disposable A300 Patient Care Washcloth - 29506

$129.99 CAD
SKU 29506
  • 24 Packs per Case
  • 55 Sheets per Pack
  • When wet, SOFT AIRLAID BONDED CELLULOSE exhibits a plush texture, offering gentleness on the skin and easy opening upon rinsing and wringing.
  • Highly ABSORBENT, these towels efficiently soak up spills.
  • Convenient DISPENSER PACKS aid in shielding these disposable towels from moisture and contamination, ensuring their availability and saving storage space.
  • DURABLE DISPOSABLE WASHCLOTHS demonstrate resilience even in the presence of light solvents.
  • An economical choice for patient care, healthcare, and light manufacturing cleaning tasks, these DISPOSABLE HAND TOWELS prove to be practical and efficient.