Lamb 2-Stage Bypass Vacuum Motor - M116157-00

by Ametek
$204.99 CAD
SKU 116157-00
  • M116157-00 Lamb Motor: A 2-stage bypass motor designed for 24 volts, with a 5.7" tangential discharge and a dry epoxy-painted fan case.
  • Air Sealed Bearing: Equipped with air-sealed bearings to enhance motor performance.
  • 17.5 Amps: Draws a current of 17.5 amperes for efficient operation.
  • Tangential Vacuum Motor: A motor with a tangential design, measuring 5.7 inches in diameter and featuring two fans.
  • Performance Metrics: Provides 390 watts of power, 91 airwatts, 45.8 inches of water lift, and a airflow rate of 67.8 CFM, with an epoxy-painted finish.