Kimtech W4 Wipers - 5 Packs X 100 Wipes

$175.99 CAD
SKU 33330

Are you in need of high-quality wipes for sensitive environments such as clean rooms, medical equipment manufacturing, or the biotech industry? Kimtech™ Pure W4 Dry Wipers might be the perfect fit for your business. Specifically engineered for ISO Class 4 and higher cleanrooms, these wipes offer extra protection as they come double-bagged and are low lint, meeting the stringent requirements for a "lint-free" environment. With a unique textured surface, they are highly absorbent, making them versatile for various tasks. These disposable wipers are the preferred choice for critical tasks in pharmaceuticals, high-tech, biotechnology, and medical-device industries.

  • 100 wipes per pack, with 5 packs in each case, totaling 500 wipes per case.
  • Kimtech™ Dry Cleanroom Wipes are designed for environments with strict "lint-free" standards, making them ideal for low-lint applications.
  • These disposable wipers are specifically recommended for use in ISO Class 4 and higher clean rooms and are double bagged for added protection.
  • They are resistant to acids, bases, and solvents and feature straight, clean knife-cut edges to minimize lint production.
  • Kimtech™ Dry Cleanroom Wipes are well-suited for use in industries such as high-tech, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and medical device manufacturing.