Kimberly Clark Kleenex 700' Hard Roll Towel with Colour Core White - 25630

SKU 26530
Kleenex® offers cutting-edge solutions to optimize productivity. Kleenex® Hard Roll Paper Towels equipped with Premium Absorbency Pockets™ deliver efficient and dependable hand-drying solutions for your restroom or break room. These paper towels are exclusively designed for compatibility with Scott® Pro™ Automatic Hard Roll Towel Dispensers, which are highly adaptable to your specific needs. These dispensers feature internal modules that can easily integrate to provide you with the flexibility to create a customized dispenser tailored to your requirements. Furthermore, the rapid-drying Absorbency Pockets™ of these paper towels result in reduced towel consumption by users, translating into more towels remaining in the dispenser, longer intervals between refills, and decreased paper waste. Effective hand-drying is a crucial step in the handwashing process, and the choice of drying method holds significance. Supplying high-quality Kleenex® Hard Roll commercial paper towels to your guests, clients, and employees is a vital component of maintaining workplace hygiene.
  • Ply: 1
  • Colour: White
  • Core: 1.75" Green Core
  • Length: 700 Feet
  • Case Pack: 6 Rolls
  • Roll Width: 7.5 inch