Kimberly Clark Kleenex 500' Hard Roll Towel with Blue Colour Core - 54471

$159.00 CAD
SKU 54471

Kleenex® Hard Roll Towels featuring Absorbency Pockets™ bring both excellence and efficiency to your restroom facilities. Additionally, you'll receive recognition for selecting the distinguished Kleenex® Design towel pattern, which has been shown in various studies to be preferred at a ratio of 4-to-1 compared to conventional towels. You can perfectly complement Kleenex® Hard Roll Towels with the most dependable dispenser currently available on the market.

Furthermore, Kleenex® Hard Roll Towels with Absorbency Pockets™ seamlessly integrate with the Kimberly-Clark Professional ICON™ dispensing system, which incorporates interchangeable faceplate technology. This technology is accessible for a wide range of dispensers, including those for paper towels, skincare products, and toilet paper, all part of the ICON™ collection.

  • Ply: 2
  • Colour: White
  • Core: 1.75" Green Core
  • Length: 500 Feet
  • Case Pack: 6 Rolls
  • Roll Width: 7.5 inch