Kimberly Clark Jumbo Toilet Tissue Dispenser

$84.99 CAD
SKU 09551
Kimberly-Clark Professional™ Jumbo Roll Toilet Paper Dispensers are designed to make your life easier. These efficient and versatile dispensers can hold one 9.38" diameter x 3.8" wide tissue roll along with a stub roll, ensuring you won't have to constantly change rolls. You can also opt for the Combo Unit model, which accommodates either two full 9.38" diameter tissue rolls or one 13" diameter tissue roll with a stub roll. With features like a hinged front cover, tear-off bars for easy access, and a push-button or key lock for added security, these high-capacity dispensers meet ADA standards when properly installed. They work seamlessly with top bath tissue brands like Scott® and Cottonelle®. Say goodbye to constant roll changes and hello to convenience.
  • 1 Kimberly-Clark Professional™ Jumbo Roll Toilet Paper Dispenser/Case; Combo Unit; Black; 20.43" x 13.12" x 5.8"
  • High-capacity design reduces runout, waste, and maintenance needs, improving restroom efficiency.
  • Equipped with convenient features such as a hinged front cover, tear-off bars, push-button, and a common key lock, enhancing ease of use and security.
  • Compatible with leading bath tissue brands, including the trusted Scott® Brand, giving you flexibility in product choice.
  • Meets ADA Standards for accessible design when correctly installed and used with recommended compatible products, ensuring compliance and accessibility.