Kimberly Clark Cottenelle High Capacity Toilet Paper - 53862

SKU 53862

For office and corporate settings that demand excellence, Cottonelle® is the top choice. Offering a blend of softness and luxury, Cottonelle® Paper Core High-Capacity Standard Toilet Paper with CleanCare® Design stands out as the superior option. It is remarkably 50% softer and has a 4X higher likelihood of being the preferred choice among selectors and users when compared to the leading competitor in the United States. Its texture ensures comfort, care, and cleanliness, and it holds the prestigious FSC® certification, making it a wise selection for businesses that prioritize both quality and environmental responsibility.

Moreover, it is exclusively compatible with our ICON™ and Scott® Pro™ dispensers. These products seamlessly integrate with the Kimberly-Clark Professional ICON™ dispensing system, which features interchangeable faceplate technology. This technology is available for a range of dispensers, including those for paper towels, skincare products, and toilet paper, all part of the ICON™ collection.

  • 900 Sheets/Roll, 36 Rolls/Case; Total: 32,400 Sheets/Case
  • 2-Ply Toilet Paper with CleanCare® Design in White
  • Exclusive CleanCare™ design for a refreshing clean
  • Premium product ideal for impressing employees and visitors
  • Highly absorbent, potentially reducing usage and waste; features a 100% Flushable paper core for improved roll utilization and less waste.