Johnny Vac 22.5 Gallon 2 Motors Wet & Dry Vacuum with Flowmix Technology - JV420HDM

$1,199.00 CAD
The JV420HDM offers enhanced suction power while optimizing energy consumption. With a generous 22.5-gallon capacity, this vacuum cleaner incorporates the innovative Flowmix system. With a simple adjustment of a small knob, the motors seamlessly transition from parallel to series connection, resulting in a substantial 60% increase in water lift performance. This feature allows the machine to adapt to a wide range of working conditions, guaranteeing maximum efficiency and significantly reducing both labor time and costs.
  • 2 Motors make this a very powerful machine
  • Front wheels are independant
  • Contains a drain hose for easy removal of dirty water
  • Vacuum has electrical outlet allowing for the use of a power nozzle or any other electrical device
  • Comes with: 10 Foot hose, 2 Part Metal wand, 2 Part Plastic Handle, squeegee brush, crevice tool, Dusting Brush, Floor and Carpet Brushes
  • Motor: 2 X 850 Watts
  • Capacity: 85 Litres (22.5 Gallons)
  • CFM: 235 
  • CFM With Flowmix: 123
  • Water Lift: 90 Inch
  • Water Lift with Flowmix: 140"
  • Dry Filter: FIJV420
  • Dacron Filter: FIJV16FD
  • Bag: 420H