Febreze Fabric Refresher Free Nature - 4 X 800 mL

$39.99 CAD
  • Febreze Fabric Refresher (Free Nature), keeps your fabrics smelling fresh and your sensitive skin happy. It contains 0 percent perfumes. This makes it gentle enough to use on fabrics that come in contact with a baby's skin.
  • For best results, lightly mist Febreze Free nature spray over upholstery, carpets, bedding, kids' toys and clothes to freshen up the item. This household product is also ideal to use in hotels, offices and waiting rooms.
  • Simply spray Febreze to change the overall quality of the air for a relaxing ambiance. Keep plenty on hand to use as part of your regular cleaning routine.
  • Eliminates tough odors in fabrics, 100% perfume free, Dermatologist tested
  • Use with your regular home cleaning products, Eliminates stagnant odors including cigarette smoke, Keeps the air in any environment smelling fresh