M2 BreakAway Dust Mop Frame

$20.99 CAD
  • Versatile cleaning tool: The Collapsible BreakAway dust mop frame is designed to hold slip-on and tie-on style dust mops, making it suitable for various cleaning tasks.
  • Convenient storage and transportation: The collapsible design allows for easy storage and transportation when the frame is not in use.
  • Hands-free removal: The frame's hands-free removal feature keeps your hands clear of dirty dust mops during use.
  • Compatible with different handles: The frame can be paired with wood, metal, fiberglass, or aluminum dust mop handles, providing an extended reach for cleaning high and low areas without straining your back or arms.
  • Efficient and durable: With its sturdy steel frame, collapsible design, hands-free removal feature, and swivel action, the Collapsible BreakAway Dust Mop Frame offers maximum efficiency and durability.