Ecolab Oasis 137 Orange Force Multi-Purpose Cleaner - 2.5 Gallon

by Ecolab
$429.99 CAD
SKU 6114559
  • Cutting-edge Chemistry:

    • Incorporates an exclusive combination of surfactants, generating a double-binding action.
    • This dual bond enhances the efficiency of grease removal, surpassing ordinary surfactant technology.
  • Streak-Free and Gentle:

    • A streak-free, multi-surface cleaner featuring a delightful orange fragrance.
    • The nonabrasive formula is crafted to effectively eliminate stubborn greasy soils, films, and smoke from various surfaces.
  • Orange Force™ presents a non-abrasive, versatile cleaner ideal for both food service and housekeeping tasks.
  • Offering streak-free outcomes, this cleaner features a delightful orange fragrance and is suitable for a diverse range of surfaces, effectively removing soils without leaving any film.
  • It is recommended for use on painted walls, doors, and bathroom surfaces, delivering mild alkaline formula performance.