Ecolab Eco Shine Stainless Steel Polish - 6 X 946 mL

by Ecolab
$199.99 CAD
SKU 6118440
  • Sustainable Formula:

    • Eco Shine features a water-based formula rich in mineral oils.
    • It excludes solvents or butyls, prioritizing safety and effectiveness.
    • The advanced formula ensures a safe and efficient cleaning process.
  • Long-Lasting Protective Luster:

    • Leaves a durable protective luster on metal surfaces.
    • Cleans lightly soiled surfaces effectively.
    • Simply spray on and polish for an even sheen, restoring a like-new appearance.
    • Forms a barrier against water and dirt, facilitating easier cleanup.
  • Versatile Usage:

    • Suitable for use on any metal surface.
    • Ideal for walk-in coolers, freezers, service-line equipment, milk machines, coffee machines, exhaust hoods, heat lamps, brass, chrome, aluminum, and any other metal surfaces in need of a shine.