Diversey VeriClean UV/Black Light - 4 X 1 Light

$105.99 CAD
SKU D5696916
  • Vericlean Fluorescent Marking Spray offers effortless application on vertical, horizontal, or even undersurfaces.
  • Marked surfaces become highly visible with the spray's generous 6" diameter circle, providing better clarity about cleaning quality compared to a single spot.
  • Removal is convenient through chemical and mechanical means; when dry, the spray is invisible to the naked eye but easily detectable with a black light.
  • The iMap Software serves as a web-based platform for data collection and reporting.
  • It's compatible with various smart devices and computers, supporting data collection through multiple monitoring methods such as ATP, direct observation, and fluorescence.
  • Automated reporting is accessible 24/7, allowing for detailed reports by facility, room, surface, and cleaner.