Diversey System-1 Break Alkaline Laundry Booster - 2 X 3100 mL

$299.00 CAD
SKU 5732551
  • Designed for commercial and on-premise institutional laundries, this hyper-concentrated liquid alkaline booster enhances laundry performance.
  • Caution: Not suitable for use in residential-style top-load or front-load machines.
  • Formulated with water conditioners, it adapts to various water and soil conditions, ensuring optimal results.
  • Includes iron inhibitors for problem water conditions and metal protectors to extend the life of laundry machines.
  • When combined with System 1 Detergent, the potent alkaline builders in System 1 Break effectively eliminate tough, greasy stains, delivering excellent laundry results. Additionally, its hyper-concentrated formula minimizes the cost per load, reducing overall laundry expenses.