Diversey Shine-Up Lemon Furniture Polish - 12 X 946 mL

$114.99 CAD
SKU 4995480
  • Enhances the appearance of furniture, leaving it with a stunning shine, while also preventing smears and fingerprints.
  • SKU 4995480 and 4995498 versions exhibit lower VOC levels.
  • Comes in a white color with a refreshing lemon scent.
  • Incorporates a luxurious combination of polishes that create a brilliant shine, safeguarding against everyday wear and leaving a delightful lemon fragrance.
  • Effortlessly erases fingerprints, smudges, and other oil-based marks, without leaving any traces or buildup.
  • Offers the convenience of a ready-to-use formula, suitable for various surfaces, including specialty ones like furniture and hardwood.
  • Available in aerosol, spray bottle, and gallon containers, providing options to meet your specific cleaning needs.