Diversey IntelliCare Manual Dispenser II, Black

$174.99 CAD
SKU D1224700
The IntelliCare (TM) Manual Dispenser II provides a flexible solution for your hand care dispensing requirements, with the option of a locking mechanism. This adaptable, contemporary, and resilient platform is suitable for dispensing both liquid/gel and foam products. Compliant with ADA standards for push force and size, the IntelliCare Manual Dispenser II is the ideal selection to meet your restroom's hand care needs.
  • Incorporates a cutting-edge dispenser design featuring a spacious viewing window, enabling users to see the content inside without the need to open it.
  • Offers the flexibility to switch between keyed and keyless operation, allowing you to customize the dispenser's security settings according to your preferences.
  • Provides ultimate versatility by accommodating both liquid and foam products, making it a single-system solution for various dispensing requirements.
  • Crafted from durable and dependable ABS plastic that resists scratches and UV damage, while its design eliminates dirt traps, ensuring easy maintenance and a consistently clean appearance.
  • Includes a dose size adjuster, empowering you to vary the volume of soap dispensed to meet the specific needs of end users.
  • Complies with ADA and CCD standards, ensuring that it fulfills all your facility's requirements for accessibility and usability.