Diversey Glance CRT & Plexiglas Cleaner - 12 X 946 mL

$99.99 CAD
SKU 3970
  • Free from ammonia and solvents, this CRT & Plexiglas® cleaner not only eliminates static charge but also repels dust, ensuring surfaces stay cleaner for an extended period. Suitable for various washable surfaces such as glass, CRT screens/cabinets, clear plastic windows, Plexiglas®, bar code scanners, hard floors, and countertops.

  • Lite Touch, an outstanding solvent-free glass cleaner, is purple in color and contains no additional fragrance.

  • Crafted for the purpose of cleansing washable surfaces afflicted by static-related issues, this product also has the added benefit of dust repellency, ensuring surfaces maintain their cleanliness for an extended period.