Cotton Pro Cut End Cotton Wet Mop Narrow Band - 12/Case

$49.99 CAD
  • Unbagged
  • Highly absorbent Cotton-Pro™ Cut End Wet Mop crafted from premium 4-ply cotton yarn.
  • Versatile use for all-purpose washing, scrubbing, and stripping tasks.
  • Sturdy construction with a narrow headband made of heavy-duty poly-coated mesh.
  • Withstands harsh chemicals and resists damage when employed as a scrubber.
  • Constructed with premium 4-ply cotton for superior quality.
  • Features precision stitching on a robust poly-coated mesh band for durability.
  • Demonstrates long-lasting performance, ensuring reliability over time.
  • Ideal as a wash mop for nearly all types of floor surfaces.
  • Offered in nine different sizes to accommodate various needs.