Georgia Pacific Pro Enmotion Paper Towel Kraft - 89480

$135.99 CAD
SKU 89480
Green Seal Certified to GS-1 Standard. High quality, 10 inch wide, roll towel for enMotion® Classic or enMotion® Impulse® 10 automated, electronic roll towel systems.
These cost-effective, high-quality roll towels are specifically engineered to be used with our enMotion® Wall-Mount Automated Towel Dispenser or enMotion® Impulse® 10 Towel Dispenser to provide reliable towel dispensing at the wave of a hand. Choose these towels for dependable, cost-saving performance and customer satisfaction.
  • Ply: 1
  • Colour: Kraft
  • Length: 800 Feet
  • Roll Size: 10 inch
  • Case Pack: 6 Rolls