Cimex Cyclone Carpet Machine - CR48M

by Cimex
$6,399.00 CAD

The Cimex Carpet Machine establishes the benchmark for low moisture carpet encapsulation cleaning in the industry. This shampooing method employs a polymer solution to encapsulate or "encase" dirt particles.



The low moisture feature of this approach implies minimal water usage compared to the prevalent hot water extraction technique. Consequently, you contribute to water conservation and, ultimately, lower operating costs. However, the primary motivation for utilizing this machine lies in the scientific efficacy of the encapsulation process.

  • Carpets remain cleaner for extended periods through the application of polymer encapsulation science
  • Efficiently cleans up to 3000 sq. ft. per hour
  • Low moisture ensures rapid carpet drying
  • Leaves no residue that attracts soil
  • Restores brightness to soiled carpets through deep cleaning
  • User-friendly operation and maintenance
  • Offers a vast selection of pads/brushes suitable for every carpet type