Cascades Pro Signature Roll Towels - T116

$89.99 CAD
SKU T116
Cascades PRO Signature® Roll Towels for Tandem® present a high-quality solution for minimizing the transmission of bacteria during handwashing. Specifically tailored for use with Cascades PRO Tandem® electronic and mechanical no-touch dispensers, these towels prioritize both hygiene and user comfort. Their soft texture guarantees superior cleanliness, making them suitable for diverse sectors such as education, industry, retail, and foodservice. Addressing universal health concerns, these roll towels are manufactured using the Air Dry process, further emphasizing their commitment to efficient and sanitary hand drying.
  • Open Length: 775'
  • Rolls/case: 6 
  • Ply: 1
  • Roll Width (in): 8
  • Open Width (in): 7.5