Accel PREVention Wipes - 12 X 160 Wipes

$305.00 CAD
SKU 100906721
  • Fast and effective cleaning with hydrogen peroxide-based disinfectant wipes using AHP® technology
  • Rapid disinfection in just 3 minutes, targeting viruses, bacteria, tuberculosis, and fungi
  • Proven efficacy against MRSA and Norovirus, meeting bloodborne pathogen standards
  • Colorless wipes with a unique scent for various non-food contact surfaces
  • Broad-spectrum disinfection against MRSA, VRE, TB, Norovirus, HIV, and Poliovirus
  • Rapidly virucidal, bactericidal, tuberculocidal, and fungicidal action in just 3 minutes; also a 30-second sanitizer
  • Utilizes AHP® technology for effective cleaning on most hard, non-porous surfaces, with eco-friendly breakdown to oxygen and water after use.