Tork Heavy-Duty Paper Wiper 9.25" X 16.25" - 10 Boxes X 90 Sheets

by Tork
$129.99 CAD
SKU 450175

Tork Heavy-Duty Paper Wiper is our toughest multipurpose industrial wiper. This folded wiper comes in our portable self-dispensing pop-up box, which protects the wipers from dirt and allows you to easily transport the wipers to the work site.

  • Excellent oil and water absorption, easily lifts grease and grime
  • Strong texture for industrial use, while gentle to use on hands and face
  • High durability - stays strong even when wet, and is reusable
  • This product has NSF P1 certification, is Health Canada certified, and contains 85% paper content (60% recycled, 40% post industrial) and 15% synthetic emulsion